daily purefix: are you indispensable?


Hey Guys, hope all is going grand today!  As always, lots of excitement to talk about at PURETIMES.  But first for our daily dose of inspiration.  Today’s inspiration comes thanks to Mr. Seth Godin and his newest book Linchpin, a must MUST grab!

Per Amazon review: A linchpin, as Seth describes it, is somebody in an organization who is indispensable, who cannot be replaced—her role is just far too unique and valuable. And then he goes on to say, well, seriously folks, you need to be one of these people, you really do. To not be one is economic and career suicide.

The point Seth makes in this book is that we are all indispensable, although some of us may have had that spirit educated or otherwise forced out of us.  We must summon that spirit within us as we are all unique and creative individuals.  If this idea inspires you, please check out Sir Ken Robinson’s inspiring TED Talk below on ‘divergent thinking.’

More inspiration and opportunity from seth here and here.

And on Sir Ken here.  And check out The Blue School while your at it; he’s on the board, and yes the Blue Men (now dad’s) created it.

Enjoy the video and other inspiring items below!  And if you have a story for us or are interested in sponsoring these posts and/or re-posting, that would be great!

Have a lovely day!


Project H Design

If your in NYC this week and/or interested in sustainable design thinking, please have a look at at my friend Emily Pilloton’s recent newsletter full of great stuff below:

Join us in New York City this week for two Project H happenings: our Design Revolution Road Showfinale at the Metropolis Booth at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and the opening of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s Triennial exhibition, which includes our Learning Landscape math playground!

  • Our road show Airstream trailer, which houses an exhibition of 40 products that empower people from our book Design Revolution, will be installed as part of the Metropolis Magazine booth at the Javits Center, from May 15-18th. Info below or via Metropolis. Project H founder will also be doing a book signing on Saturday, May 15th at noon, at the Metropolis booth.
  • Our Learning Landscape math playground system, which facilitates a more active and engaged way to learn elementary academic concepts, is featured in the Cooper Hewitt’s Triennial exhibition! The exhibition, entitled “Why Design Now?” opens May 14th, and runs through January 2011. More info on our Learning Landscape here, and more info on the exhibition here.

Design Revolution Road Show Metropolis ICFF Finale


DESIGN as a tool for positive changeNAU'S-GRANT FOR CHANGE

May marks the launch of the second annual G4C, designed to support those who instigate lasting, positive change in their communities. Last year the G4C highlighted the efforts of those who move in the spirit of the Nau Collective: Athletes, Artists, and Activists challenging assumptions about what it means to move, be moved, and move others. The 2010 G4C highlights a second facet of the Nau brand: that of DESIGN as a tool for positive change.

For Nau, this speaks to our commitment to the blending of Beauty, Performance, and Sustainability, in both our product design and business model. For you, this acts as a call for entry.

Show and tell us how you, your friends, or colleagues, use DESIGN to provide creative, compelling, effective, and replicable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Nominations are open from May 10th ‘til June 11th, with voting open ‘til June 20th. More details about the grant can be found in the attached outreach PDF. Starting May 10th, this information will be available online at www.nau.com.

It’s inspiring stuff. Last year was a tremendous success. This year, it is up to all of us to get the word out. There are amazing efforts in positive change happening all over the country, and we want to know (and we want you to know) what is happening in your neck of the nation.

Nominate. Learn. Vote. Have at it. This is the Grant for Change. Don’t hold back. The more nominees we get, the more stories of change we get to tell. However you decide to participate, we are excited to have you as a part of the story again.

Join in the fun here.


The Good Eater Collaborative

Our Mission farm market and deviled eggs image %organic food

Below is pulled from a recent email from co-founder Joshua Levin:

I’m writing to share my excitement about the launch of a new media project I’ve co-founded with chef/author Kenji Lopez-Alt: “The GoodEater Collaborative“.

It’s a blog and discussion platform featuring leaders from across the food industry: farmers, chefs, business executives, media members, non-profit directors, etc. The goal is to cut through the noise on food sustainability and feature the voices of those who are in the trenches on this every day. These dynamic individuals from across the field will be sharing their experiences, ideas, and concerns, creating a true cross-sector dialog that’s open to the public. Our hope is to cultivate the kind of systems-thinking necessary to address issues in our food system, while simultaneously giving everyone the inside scoop on how to “eat good”.

You can check out our fantastic collection of authors, or some of the recent posts such as backyard chicken economicsa country addicted to fish farming, the ease of early spring canninghome compostingmaking your own ricotta, and a lot more.

Besides checking out The GoodEater Collaborative, the easiest way to take advantage of this awesome resource is by subscribing to our RSS feed, weekly headlines E-Newsletter , or to have posts simply emailed to you!

Please visit here: http://www.goodeater.org/


The Sustainability Imperative

The Harvard Business Review makes the compelling case that:

Most executives know that how they respond to the challenge of sustainability will profoundly affect the competitiveness—and perhaps even the survival—of their organizations.  Full Story here.



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