daily purefix: loving what is, planting trees, and humanity calls…


hey guys, hope your having a lovely tuesday!  today’s bit of inspiration is inspired by my my buddy brian johnson’s philosophers’ notes, which offer condensed insights from some of the most inspiring writers know to man.  please check them out!  below is a quick video on the topic of ‘loving what is,’ which presents the idea of acceptance in a powerful manner.

while we may not agree with what we are experiencing in the world, accepting ‘what is’ is an extremely powerful tool to liberate us in our daily lives.  instead of resisting or letting something in our lives stress us out, we have the alternative of embracing reality and then moving forward.  this is a key principal that drives ‘pure projects.’  PURE is all about accepting what is, while realizing anything is possible.  so, instead of beating ourselves up about our current reality, consider accepting it while simultaneously considering that we have the freedom to create a new reality.

have a great day and enjoy the content below!  feel free to forward to your friends!


Tristan Lecomte named by Time Magazine as 100 most influential people in the world

Tristan is a dear friend and incredible individual.  I am honored to be involved in the reforestation organization he founded, which is responsible for planting over 2 million trees thus far, and is on track for 12 million by the end of 2012.  To learn more and get involved, please visit Pure Planet’s website.  And you can see the full story here and view the other honorees here.


Humanity Calls

In the spirit of planting trees, HumanityCalls.org is a fundraising tournament website designed to bring together nonprofits, companies, and individuals focused on addressing global causes such as the environment, health, education, poverty and human rights.  Please get involved today at humanitycalls.org.


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