daily dose: world series of good & important eco-art


from my dear friends at TBD (please subscribe to their lovely weekly newsletter http://ourfutureistbd.com/)…

World Series of Good
Everyone Wins
Poker: a game of skill, patience, and gut instinct. While some might call gambling a vice, others see it as an exercise in leveraging some of the best lessons about human behavior. To sweeten the pot, a particular group of players are looking to turn the grand prize into something more than cash; they’ve seized an opportunity to use game theory for a whole lot of good.

The World Series of Good is a project designed to steal a bit of the biggest poker pot in the world: The World Series of Poker. At $10,000 a head for entry, the tournament paid out $8.5 million to the winner and more than $175 million overall last year. Backed by some serious poker all-stars (including Annie Duke, Phil Gordon and Rafe Furst of Tilt Poker fame), the goal of the WSOG is simple: send one upstart card shark in to go for the gold and donate all his winnings to great causes . . . and rally a media blitz along the way, to convince as many of the tournament finalists as possible to donate 1% of their winnings to the charities of their choice.

WSOG project founder Michael Karnjanaprakorn will be crowdsourcing the $10,000 entrance fee on Kickstarter. With the right kind of buy-in, this idea could win up to $1.8 million for good. Not a bad deal.


Take Less: help support eco-art installation w/ a powerful sustainable message w/ your used take-out containers

My dear friends at MSLK are embarking on a new eco-art installation and needs your help!

Over the past few years, their installations such as Watershed and Urban Tumbleweeds have raised awareness about society’s mindless consumption of plastic. This year we will be focusing on the unnecessary plastic waste produced by take-out and fast food. Think about all excess plastic we use only once (or not at all) then throw away.

We are writing to you as a supporter of our efforts. We need your help to collect used, but clean take-out materials. Can you help us by collecting at your office or apartment building? Print out this poster and place it on a box or bin in your company kitchen or next to your trash and recycling.  Email demetra@mslk.com if you can help us by collecting and we’ll come coordinate a pick up of your donations
To find out more about our installation visit mslk.com/take-less


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