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Hey guys, I wanted to share with you all a wonderful organization and an exemplary example of a PUREPROJECT using creativity & innovation to promote a common good in the world.

Freedom to Create is a movement of creative people who are changing the world.

Freedom to Create practitioners are artists and development workers from around the globe, working and speaking out for social change, and using creativity to build the foundations of open societies.

The Freedom to Create organisation supports these actions through its grant-making, the Freedom to Create Prize and through this website which we hope can become a platform for their voices.

For more information and to apply, please visit:


A campaign to provide long-term safe drinking water solutions for at least 40,000 people in rural Haiti

PLEASE click on the image above or link to to watch this moving video my dear friends at charity:water created for their World Water Day campaign to deliver safe drinking water to Haiti!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Scott and his team!  Without clean and safe drinking water, simply speaking, nothing else matters!  Please consider donating whatever you can to this wonderful cause and forward this note far and wide.
Many many thanks to you all and have a lovely week,
Full press release on Unshaken initiative:

On World Water Day, Monday, March 22, charity: water will launch UNSHAKEN, a campaign to fund long-term water solutions for areas of greatest need in rural Haiti. charity: water is a non-profit bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. The organization has been funding safe water and sanitation projects in Haiti for two years now, working with local implanting partners Concern Worldwide and Partners In Health. Both partners have more than two decades of experience working on the ground in Haiti.

Since the earthquake on Jan. 12, more than one million people have fled Port-au-Prince to the countryside, where they have minimal or no access to clean, safe water. One-third of the nation lacked access to safe water before the quake; now, the situation is devastating. As the rural communities continue to swell, so does the risk of deadly waterborne diseases.  charity: water is committed to supporting long-term water and sanitation solutions in Haiti.

UNSHAKEN tells the stories of eleven areas that have swelled with those displaced since the earthquake and now need long-term water solutions more than ever. From eight-year-old Louis Mackenzie in Kenpech, who relies on a dwindling bottled water supply, to 17-year-old Kiesha Michele, who slept on the streets after her home was destroyed and now lives on an island with only stagnant ponds and unprotected springs – these stories are the basis of the UNSHAKEN campaign. Beginning Monday, each region’s story, complete with photos and GPS coordinates, will be published on the UNSHAKEN campaign site. In the coming months, charity: water plans to raise $1.3 million to serve more than 40,000 people in these areas with clean, safe drinking water. 100% of the funds raised will directly fund water projects on the ground.

UNSHAKEN has drawn immense support before officially launching. The non-profit Invisible Children donated the first $100,000 to the campaign, which will provide 5,500 people with clean water. Retailer Urban Outfitters is selling a custom Haiti relief T-shirt, designed by eco-brand Apolis Activism, to fund clean water for at least 1,500 people. This week, South by Southwest festival-goers have already donated thousands of dollars through various new mobile giving platforms.

Since 2006, New York-based charity: water has served more than one million people in 16 countries with clean, safe drinking water. For more information about charity: water and UNSHAKEN visit

4 Years, GO!


Dear PUREPROJECT supporters,

I wanted to let you know about a wonderful project we are involved in with hundreds of other organizations!

A new initiative is emerging.  Because what we do in the next four years can determine the quality of life for the next thousand, and because there is still time to act, but no time to waste — We are launching a global campaign to shift humanity onto a sustainable, just and fulfilling path by 2014: FOUR YEARS. GO.


Please take three minutes to watch this video and learn more.


FOUR YEARS. GO. wants your support too. We have an extraordinary opportunity, at a unique moment in history, to bring something powerful, life affirming and momentous into being. Let’s lead by example and take the first steps together. Click here and declare what you’re going to do.


Take part in a Social Media Crash Course and Online Rally Training webinar on Thursday, March 18th, to prepare for an online rally Tuesday, March 23. Click here for details and to register.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is not a new organization. It is a goal—a rallying call—for a growing worldwide coalition of leading organizations and individuals committed to building a sustainable, just and fulfilling world. The impetus and stewardship of this new initiative comes from The Pachamama Alliance, in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, P:5Y—Peace in Five Years, the 2020 Fund, and more than 450 allied organizations.

A campaign to shift humanity onto a sustainable, just, and fulfilling path … by 14 February 2014.

In partnership,

The FOUR YEARS. GO. team


Please forward this email and post far and wide!!!

As George Bernard Shaw once said, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man [and woman.]” I am now writing with a highly unreasonable request!

I am a mentor and board member for The Unreasonable Institute, an organization that provides up to 25 young entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe every resource, every skill, and every connection they need to create ventures that are financially sustainable and can measurably improve the lives of millions of people around the globe. The Unreasonable Institute selects these 25 entrepreneurs to attend a 10-week intensive incubation program, where they undergo rigorous entrepreneurial training; receive legal advice, prototype consulting, web hosting and development services; gain access to seed capital; and receive involved mentorship from 50 entrepreneurs and investors like the Co-Founder of and an entrepreneur who has lifted over 19 million people out of poverty.

The hunger for this idea amongst young entrepreneurs has been incredible. The Unreasonable Institute received 284 applications from 45 countries and has now narrowed down the pool of applicants to 34 finalists. These finalists include former child soldiers from Liberia, Ugandan Refugees, Indian veterinarians, and MIT graduates tackling problems ranging from the transformation of agricultural waste into fertile topsoil and bio-energy to teaching illiterate children how to read through cell phone games.

Now to be chosen to attend the Institute, these 34 finalists are in a race to raise $6,500 (the cost of attending the program). In raising this capital, they demonstrate their entrepreneurial mettle and secure the chance to attend the Institute at no cost. The outcome of this race is up to you.

I sincerely request you visit the Unreasonable Finalist Marketplace, where you can learn about these entrepreneurs, read their stories, and vote with your dollars for the ventures you believe can change the course of history. Your small contribution can help an entrepreneur launch an idea that future generations may one day recall as having defined progress in our time.

The fate of these finalists, and the millions of lives they may affect, now rests in your hands.

With unreasonable excitement and gratitude for your consideration,

Ryan Fix

P.S. If you need even more inspiration, check out the Unreasonable Institute’s 1-minute video on its Finalist Marketplace here!