Happy New Year guys!  I trust you all are rockin’ out your greatest 2010 resolutions by now!  Please share your resolutions with your friends and family, write them down, and whatever else it takes to make them real and put them into action.  This is how change happens!  And if you guys are working on any great ‘pure projects’ in 2010, we would love to hear about them at PURETIMES.  As a platform to highlight a world of ‘pure projects,’ our goal for PURETIMES in 2010 is to develop a robust online positive media platform that will allow our community of citizen journalists to share their stories of ‘pure projects’ with you all.  If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting this initiative, please send an email to info@pureproject.org.

As a parting note, I would like to share a poem with you all, which was written at the COP15 Climate Talks by my friend Jennifer Corriero, founder of Taking IT Global (http://www.tigweb.org/).  You can follow Jennifer on Twitter via @jenergy.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day…

How Does Change Happen?

This is perhaps one of those eternal questions

that carries both simplicity

and depths of complexity

juxtaposed in a tension

so bright and dark that

emotions explode and identities blurred.

Is your belief defined by your role

or is your role defined by your belief?

How does change happen?

POLICY says the policy maker

MARKETS says the business manager

MASS MOBILIZATION says the organizer

DIALOGUE says the convener

SYSTEMS CHANGE says the academic

IMAGINATION says the artist

INVENTION says the scientist

INNOVATION says the technologist

INVESTMENT says the banker

DESIGN says the architect

ENLIGHTENMENT says the spiritual guide

LEGAL FRAMEWORKS says the lawyer

CONVICTION says the leader

EDUCATION says the teacher

REVOLUTION says the activist

DATA says the analyst

CRISIS says the journalist

ACTION says the entrepreneur

HOPE says the dreamer

NETWORKS says the connector

INSPIRATION says the storyteller

LOVE says the mother

ASPIRATION says the father

LAUGHTER says the child

POSSIBILITY says the youth

REFLECTION says the elder

And so we ask ourselves

Where we stand, where we shine and where we fly.

We ask whether or not

we are defined

by the roles we take

or the collective outcomes that emerge

when our efforts and beliefs collide.

Is it magic or tragic that we disagree?