Happy New Year & the time is now!


Happy New Year!  What a year 2009 was, huh?  Well, full of optimism, 2010 looks really amazing from my perch here in lovely Paris!  It has been an amazing tour here in Europe this past month, as I ponder my trip as I plan my departure tomorrow to head home to NYC.  I have had the good fortune to connect w/ so many incredible people doing some wonderful work in the worlds of social innovation, but here this is ‘old hat’ as we say in America; business as usual.  It seems quite intuitive for Europeans to consider social, cultural and environmental values at the core of any decision.  It’s just logical when we live in an interconnected world with limited natural resources.  I guess this is just ‘smart’ thinking, which I propose is another way to consider ‘sustainable’ thinking.  Maybe ‘smart’ will be the new buzz word of 2010, along with ‘externality,’ which points to the external effects of any action and/or decision.

As we move into 2010, I have also been pondering ‘resolutions.’  This has been an annual practice of mine for as long as I can remember and has been instrumental in guiding me through each year.  For me, this is the year of ‘focus’ and decisive action.  This action is to support a world of ‘pure projects’ and to this end PURETIMES will focus on highlighting such projects.  There is so much power in writing down resolutions and sharing them with others.  It gives them life!  To this end, I urge you all to consider your own resolutions and sharing them with others.

I wish you all a wonderful 2010!  I will end this post with some closing comments in response to my experiences at COP15…

In responding to WiserEarth’s question re. COP15 on ‘what would you say to world leaders;’ I ponder…

Change takes time, commitment, persistence, and much more!  And a ton of patience on top of all that!  Naturally, it is a balance.  The world takes all types; leaders, followers, activists, policy heads, teachers, changemakers and the likes.  And we are at a tipping point at the moment where a perfect storm is brewing that requires us all to work together to create powerful/impacting change that must counteract the negative effects of society’s over-consumption coupled with massive population increase in the next 50 years.  Perfect also because we have never experienced such a time where a global society can truly unite under one cause and create change rapidly.  How?  Technology of course!  We cannot move backwards.  We will only consume more, travel more, etc.  This will not change.  But we must consume more efficiently, travel smarter, etc.  And we will, by implementing smarter design and use of technology.

Back to the question, what would I say to our world leaders?  Empower us, give us tool, implement policy that enables us to create new solutions that will move us forward into a more efficient and smarter future.  Government is an effective tool to empower society and should be respected as such.  There is a natural tension, but this exists in all of life.  But we must not forget that we, the people, have the ultimate power.  Technology is only increasing this reality.  Large interest groups and lobbys will no longer be able to compete with an organized network of impassioned citizens.  The large grassroots initiative that empowered the Obama campaign is just one example of this reality.  And even traditional media is weakening to the voice of anyone with access to the internet.  In the blogging world we call this the ‘long tail’ effect.  And the biggest example of all are the 3000+ vigils held around the globe in response to the 350.org campaign.  And on that, I will end this rambling by asking you all to watch this video and please get inspired to act, TODAY!  No deed is to small!  Thank you!


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