COP15: day 7


Jennifer, Darian, and Ryan

Cest la vie!  With some sadness and a sigh of relief, I currently write you as I travel to Berlin for a week to catch up with some friends there and explore some opportunities for the Pure Project.
Today was another wonderful day, albeit much calmer!  The Danish rest, as much of Europe, on Sunday.  After a week in the heart of Danish country, I figured it was time to see what a ‘real’ danish tasted like!  Although, I’m sure I’ve had my share of danishes on past trips, which are a distant memory!  Anyhoo, I must say that my coffee and three danishes (yes, I ate three danishes!) were worth every bit of the $23 (113DKK).  I had no idea that this was the most expensive town on mainland Europe.  And with the weekend British Pound, CPH is likely the most expensive town in all of Europe.  Regardless, I loved my Sunday danishes!
In an effort to soak up the last bit of this beautiful town and to say goodbye to my local friends, I made my rounds about town. First off was Mr. Ice Bear, who amazingly made it to Sunday, and if the freezing Arctic Breeze keeps up, he may make it to witness a binding and powerful agreement at COP15 on Friday!  After a few other stops, I made my way over to Jaga’s boat for the Uchronian Community.  They were having a interesting discussion about why people buy a product, but in relation to Jaga’s radiators.  Jan exclaims, “they are buying into a philosophy.”  But as an American who respects Jaga’s high quality product, I know this not to be the case, as most Americans do not have a clue about this wonderful company.  So I spoke up and shared my thoughts with the group.  After a stimulating conversation on what makes a company and a project, we decided to hit the streets as a group and check out the city a bit.  After stopping by the wonderful exhibit on ‘100 things to see before they are gone,’ we strolled over to Hopenhagen Live and caught the end of the ‘electric’ car show.
The Jaga crew grabbed some grub and I headed back to the Pavilion to say goodbye to my good friends there, namely Stan who founded and the COP15 Pavilion I worked out of all week.  I was able to snag a few bamboo fiber ‘Hopenhagen’ shirts, which will be my new favorite shirts.  As I was leaving, Jennifer from Taking It Global popped in to say hi.  She had brought in a friend from the Carbon War Room.  When Darian handed me his card, I realized that we had connected earlier in the year right before he left Craigslist Foundation as the Executive Director.  I just love these synchronicities.  The three of us locked into a magical moment and Jennifer shared a beautiful poem, that she will forward shortly and I will pass on to you all! We had our moment and then Darian got an emergency call from his Carbon War Room and they were off.
My final stop before heading to the airport was for a shwarma sandwich at the Crown Prince’s favorite shwarma shop.  And what a fanally!  Off to the airport, where my dear buddy Nils met me for a final goodby for this time.
One simple and powerful lesson from this week: this is about people and working together!
Here are today’s pictures.  And thanks for following my daily posts on this inaugeral week of PURETIMES.  If you have any suggestions for posts, improvements, etc., please let me know!
Thanks and chat soon!

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