COP15: day 6


Earth Doctors

Earth Doctors

Yesterday, day 6 of COP15, was again another stellar day!  I began the day meeting my friend Summer Rayne Oakes and her friend Randall Koral at my favorite design hotel, Hotel Skt. Petri, in Copenhagen for breakfast.  Summer and my friend Benita are launching a company to help fashion designers and brands source sustainable fabrics.  Randall is the Editor of Above Magazine, which calls upon the environmentally conscious and everyone else interested in the future by sharpening its focus on the endangered beauty of the world.  Julie Gilhart, Fashion Director for Barneys, poped in for a moment to say hi.  She was in town speaking at a side conference on fashion and sustainable solutions for the industry.  Randomly (or not), Julie happened to be friends with Summer and we all had a jolly talk.  About 4 hours latter, Summer, Randoll and I snuck out for a peek at the action outside.

We had heard that 30-40k people were assembling in front of the parlement for a demonstration and massive march to the Bella Center, where Bill McKibben & Desmond Tutu would hold a vigil.  Per today’s news, Bill McKibben ( & Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke in front of 100k+ at COP15 vigil.  Full article and video.  We got some amazing pictures and the energy on the street was magnificent.

Unfortunately (or very fortunately), I had to cut out early to attend what I thought was a party at the Kronberg Castle (setting of Hamlet).  I met up with Julie again, who was also invited to this ‘party,’ and we took a taxi together.  I soon came to find out that I would be attending a very high-level conference attended by delegates and business leaders on the topic of clean energy.  Full details here.  I have to admit that the event was a bit dry and uninspiring, with the exception of a few presenters.  One highlight was a personal video address from President Clinton.  However, Kronberg Castle is absolutely amazing!

Back in CPH, Julia, Jonathan Hiskes (staff writer for, and I met up with some people for dinner at Nyhavn 71 (a beautiful hotel on the canal).  I only stayed for a moment to say hello, and it was an interesting mix of people including a chief UN negotiator defending the Kyoto Protocal, the president of the National Corn Growers Association, California’s Secretary of Agriculture, an executive from USDA and another from Conservation International.  COP15 is amazing!

Time for bed, so I met up with my friends from Uchronia on the ship and headed back to their apartment in Christianshavn, situated on a beautiful canal just next to Christiania.

What a day!  Some pictures here!


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