COP15: day 5


Peaceful Protest

Peaceful Protest

Started the day witnessing some peaceful protests in Nytorv Square just infront of the Hub Culture Pavilion and WWF Arctic Tent.  The goal of the protests is to block any corporate meetings taking place during COP15.  The protest mission is to prevent companies from producing financial gain from the environmental movement.  Some reports here.

Went over to for morning briefing at 11:15 am on days main events.  Before I could get settled, I got pinged w/ an invite from my dear friend Tamara Giltsoff who just launched Abundancy Partners, who was attending a presentation on a new initiative called Environmental Commons.  The program was hosted by the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders at a private home in Christianshavn.  After a quick overview of the program, I was on the street.  After a swift rush across this gorgeous town I was at the most beautiful townhouse just infront of the marvelous Royal Opera House.  I was absolutely blow away by the panel, topic, content, and small group of approx. 15 Young Global Leaders.  This was by far the highlight of my trip!  Environmental Commons is, in a nutshell, a robust strategy & platform to connect projects, people, and resources around environmental solutions.  The second half of the meeting focused on assembling a team of advisors/supporters to move the project further forward.  As I have been passionate about building platforms to support connecting ‘pure projects’ to resources, I offered to put my organizations full support behind the project.

One of the Young Global Leaders in attendances was Mattias Klum, an incredible photographer for National Geographic.  After the conclusion of the meetings, he offered to take us over to his most recent exhibition being presented during COP15 and addressing the effects of climate change on Borneo called The Testament of Tebaran.  The exhibition is absolutely remarkable and I have complete images attached at the end of this post.

From there I was off to catch up with some new and old friends around the city.  In the mix of all this I ran into Jennifer Corriero who was also at the YGL event just before, who was looking for the subway to head back over to the Bella Center to meet with one of the lead attorneys representing the island nation of Tuvalu.  Jennifer is the co-founder of Taking It Global, which is a large online community of youth interested in global issues and creating positive change.  She had offered to activate her large community of youth leaders to support Tuvalu’s call for an immediate and binding agreement.

After dropping Jennifer off at the subway, I ran into my friends at Polar Conservation Org. at the Jaga Experience Bus.  PCO is committed to the establishment, maintenance and monitoring of relevant international framework agreements for a sustainable future of both Polar Regions.  They have teamed up with Jaga to activate their bus (images in link at end of post) as a meeting location and media hub in Kongens Nytorv Square.  I then went over to their ship on Nytorv Canal to invite Jan Kriekels to do an interview for my buddy Andy’s documentary on innovative companies implementing environmentally sustainable strategies.  On the boat, Koen VanMechelen was giving a presentation in Flemish on his Cosmopolitan Chicken project, which includes the worldwide experimental project with which Koen hopes to develop a super-hybrid chicken.  If your in NYC, look for his project on Fifth Ave in the 50s in March.

I capped the day with an panel discussion at the Fresh Air Center, being moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.  More info here.  Canary Project did a presentation as well.  Please have a look.

As I was busy blogging away, I young lady from Greenpeace sitting behind me, asked if I could mention their time capsule release party on Dec. 13.  This sounds like an amazing event.  Please have a look at Love Letters to the Future.

After running into some dear friends from other parts of the globe who just arrived in town, a huge group of us all went for the ‘best’ schwarma in CPH and then to see the Yes Men in action at Hopenhagen Live.  If you don’t know these guys, please look them up.  While we missed their partially failed 20 second stunt, we did catch a after-party full of art cars a la burning man, but CPH style.  And boy do the danish know how to party.

Here are the days pictures.  And some interesting links from the day.  Enjoy!

Climate Demonstration in Christiansborg Slotsplads.

Fresh Air Center Opening Presentation.

Seal the Deal! campaign!

The Canary Project produces visual media, events, and artwork that build public understanding of human-induced climate change and energize commitment to solutions.

Two videos from yesterday, the Youth and Future Generation day, that exemplify the challenges that we face as young people in trying to shape the negotiations. These videos convey the frustrations, hopes, anger, and compassion that young people from the developing world are facing as they see their negotiators and their nations’ mainstream media delay and misinform.


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