COP15: day 4


1 Carbon Tonne Cube on the lake!

I woke up to over 100 emails from our listserv for the COP15 blogging community.  Don’t ask me how I got on this list, and I’m not sure yet if it’s a curse!  Currently, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed by all the daunting news today!  Yesterday I was feeling guilty for checking out on Sunday, but now I’m thinking it could get quite insane here!  More and more police on the street ready for ‘something.’

We started the day with a series of interviews of CEOs, CSR executives, and the likes on the topic of the role of corporations to address environmental responsibility.  We had Nike, Rainforest Action Network, JohnsonDiversey, Green Order and a few others.  The goal will be to release these stories through a social media campaign, and then to cut a feature link documentary film when there is enough footage.

I spent some time at the Pavilion today (staying out of the rain) speaking with several interesting individuals.  Had a nice chat with Anna Klemmer of the Center for Climate Strategies, whose goal is to help states and nations tackle climate change.  We focused our conversation on the need for negotiating climate agreements among states or at the local level, as a means for cutting out red tape and getting to a deal faster.  It sounds like they are doing great stuff!

I later ran into Marcus Ryan who runs the DC Project, which helps implement home weatherization as a method to revitalize communities.  We had crossed paths at the White House forum on Clean Energy last week, but did not get a chance to speak then.  Please check out his project!  He seems like a great guy!

I also spoke with Jorge Machado, who runs an organization in Brazil called Solutions from the Amazon.  There goal is to help local/indiginious populations become more self-sustaining.  We talked about an interesting program to help local farmers in the Amazon re-forest their land with CSA-certified eucalyptus trees.  I will pass this opportunity on to our team at Pure Planet.

I spent a ton of time catching up on updates from the COP15 listserv and #cop15 twitter feeds.  Some of the stuff that stood out I have included below, if your interested.  After the whole day inside, I stepped out for the opening event & panel discussing at’s Fresh Air Center.  Had a quick chat with Bill McKibben, founder of, who was hard at work on another one of his epic blog posts.  Will schedule an interview tomorrow with Bill.  So, the Fresh Air Center is a large collaboration and community center for those blogging and otherwise communicating on COP15.  Here is info on Fresh Air Center Opening Party.  Here is an excellent stream of live updates from Tck Tck Tck.  And you can see all the best blogging all in one place.  I will be blogging from Fresh Air Center most of the day tomorrow.

Oh, I heard that tent villages are beginning to set up around the city to accomodate the crowds coming in for demonstrations, as the city is maxing out on accommodations.  I will take a look around town tomorrow and report back.

That’s a wrap for tonight!  A few pictures from today.

Some interesting stuff from today…

Passionate protest at Bella Center supporting Tuvalu’s call at COP15.

Climate scientists speak up!

Today is day 35 of climate justice hunger fast.

CNN/YOUTUBE Climate Debate.

Climate Spark Business Forum Webcast.


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