COP15: day 3


Casting as Brad Pitt

Casting as Brad Pitt

It’s official!  The heat is up!  Today, there was a very noticeable rise in the energy level both around the city and certainly in twitter-dom.  For those interested in following the madness, search #cop15 in your twitter reader of choice.  The highlight today was my unintended casting as Brad Pitt in ‘Brad Pitt Saves the World in Copenhagen.’  More on that in a moment.

I started the day over at the klimaforum sitting in on a panel on ‘sacred activism,’ lead by several spiritual and religious leaders.  Was interesting, but a bit too ethereal and crunchy for my current mood.  I am really focused on grounded, clear and decisive action towards implementing real change.    While there is surely a important place for both, the energy of the day was clearly moving in a different direction.  And the proof is in the pudding as they say!  Over at the Bella Center (HQ of COP15 talks), a the small Polynesian Island nation of Tuvalu called for a legally binding deal to come out of the negotiations.  China and India, among others, made discouraging remarks about the potential for the treaty.  As my friends at report, the talks were then suspended for a few hours, at which time an impromptu civil society action took place in support of Tuvalu and a fair, ambitions and binding deal.  More here.

So, with the constant tweets of all the commotion, I had to run over to the Bella Center to see for myself.  On my way over, I passed a huge gold metalic trailer with the worlds “Brad Pitt Saves the World in Copenhagen” on the front and back.  I had passed it other days and it was closed, but it was open this time.  I was so curious what this was all about, I had to take a peek in.  This has to be some kind of joke, I thought.  As I approached the door, two people opened and asked if I wanted to try out for a part playing Brad Pitt in a film about saving the world.  I told them that I was not in town for long and pried a bit further to verify that it was not a joke.  I do, however, think these Danish film producers are having fun with Brad Pitt’s recent fame connected to his humanitarian work.  But what the hell, I thought!  I chocked it up to this once and a lifetime experience.  Ironically, the Dutch TV came in at the same time and asked if they could film our casting, so I imagine that will air sometime soon!  Too fun!  I was number 66 and they were to end casting within 30 minutes to select someone for the part.  We shall see what happens?  If i get picked, I will have to delay my trip to Berlin Sunday.

Finally, I was off to the Bella Center.  It was 3:45 and already getting quite dark!  By the time I arrived everything had calmed down and most of the delegates had already left for the day.  Come on guys, it’s only 4pm and our planet is in serious trouble!  Do you think you can put in a few more hours?

I decided to head back to my buddy Stan Stalnaker Copenhagen Pavilion to get some work done and catch up on the day’s notable events.  Stan is the founder of Hub Culture, a network to merge online and physical world environments.  The organization’s mission is to elevate the the collective conscious while focusing on worth creation, with provisions of workspace, online collaboration tools, and critical support services for members.

I ended up meeting up with my buddy James Hanusa who just got in from San Francisco to work on an amazing social media campaign focusing on CSR (corporate social responsibility) and the great strides some corporations are taking to become more sustainable and otherwise environmentally sensitive.  More on this in tomorrow’s update, as we begin the filming then.  I was asked to help out, so I will get the full scoop then!

We ended up going to dinner with his team to get to know one another and set a plan for the forthcoming days’ events.  What an inspiring group!  Andrew Behar is a documentary filmaker, inventor, entrepreneur and COO of Influence Xchange, a sustainable social media company.  Check out his films here.  Then there is Karl Burkart, Creator & Executive Producer of Planet Green’s newest show Planet 100.  For those that may not know, Planet Green is the Discovery Cable Network’s new ‘green’ channel.  What an interesting guy and apparently a well respected blogger.  Enough so that he was invited by the Finnish governement to tour (and blog about) there most interesting sustainable projects.  And then there was the interesting Justin Winters, whom also joined Karl in Finland, and who works with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation.  She was also involved in the production of his film ‘The 11th Hour.’  It was an amazing night full of inspiring conversation and it ended with an invite to some swanky party on Saturday night with many of the delegates at Kronborg Castle, which is famously known as the setting for William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet.  What a night!

Some pictures from my journey’s today here.

And below is a stream of inspiring bits from the day.  Loosing steam.  Back with more tomorrow!


Christiania is hosting the Climate Bottom Conference with the aim at settling the scene for sustainable living.  This event presents a number of practical initiatives from sustainable cities and eco-villages from around the world under the theme “Windows of Hope.”  More info here.

Official COP15 press releases and webcasts here.

Cute little video on ‘dop-en-hagen.’

Youtube channel on COP15 here.

Send your greetings to COP15, courtesy of Danish Government here.

Free bikes a huge success at COP15.  More here.

Some bold news from host country Denmark, which is one of the first countries to earmark financing for developing countries to strengthen their capacities to tackle climate change in the short term.  More here.

More up to the minute news, blogs, and tweets from Uptake.

Thankfully Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is optamistic about reaching a robust agreement to combat climate change.  More here.

all official cop15 press updates:


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