White House Clean Energy Economy Forum


White House Clean Energy Forum

busy days!  it has been a humbling month in the world of all things PURE!  as i sit hear in cold/gray and climate-talk infused copenhagen, i wanted to let you all know about some exciting round of meetings i was invited to last week in washington dc.  our first meeting was w/ 25 young leaders in july w/ mr. van jones.  he promised to bring us back for a follow-up meeting.  sadly, van has moved on.  actually, i hear he is cooking up another world changing idea, so stay tuned.  anyhow, we were invited back, but this time w/ a total of 150 people.  several of the ‘green’ cabinet directors presented what they are up to and we got to ask them several questions.  we then broke into several small groups and shared ideas on how we could support one another; yes, the white house and us, the US.  amazing!  this is a whole new white house!  and they are representative of us.  we shared.  they told us there challenges and we told them ours.  they asked us how they could better support us and we returned the question.  we developed several strategies and action plans.  two ideas that resonated highest were to set up a cabinet of young advisors to the ‘green’ cabinet and to develop a communications strategy to aggregate all the ‘green’ activity within the government and white house.  i suggested a new website.  look out for http://www.greenhouse.gov.  if it emerges, you will know i got lucky or just pushed really hard!  some pics from the meeting here.  ok, off to some climate talks.  exciting times.  stay tuned!


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